The Ghilarza Summer School announces 15 places for the participation in an advanced training course on the thought of Antonio Gramsci.

The course will take place in Ghilarza (the country of Sardinia where Gramsci lived in the years of childhood and youth) from 10 to 15 September 2018 and will be dedicated to the theme:
Crisis and passive revolution: Gramsci interpreter of the twentieth century.


In Sedilo on July 6 and 7 each year, the traditional Ardia in honor of St. Constantine (Santu Antinu), the Roman Emperor Constantine I, defeated Massenzio in 312 at Ponte Milvio, is unavoidably held. Emperor who also allowed the spread of Christian religion throughout the peninsula.


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An important sports event absolutely not to be missed!

It takes place very close to our facility, we look forward to staying and eating typical dishes of Sardinian cuisine.

The Guilcer (or Guilcier) derives its name from the ancient post-judicial department called Part Cier Real with its headquarters Guilarze (today Ghilarza). After the Battle of Macomer of 1477, during which the Catalan-Aragonese defeated definitively the army of the Judge of Arborea, the district of Guilceri came